A Few Reasons Why You Should Always Support Your Local Pharmacy


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Back in 2010, something called “Small Business Saturday” became a national event each year during November. Even though it was a pretty elaborate marketing ploy on behalf of American Express, it actually caught on and became really successful. At last, small businesses in small towns had one day where they could draw out local residents, grab a few new customers who never knew the business even existed, and show the community that its small businesses offer services and products that are just as good, if not better, than what the big chain stores offer.

2014’s Small Business Saturday didn’t result in quite as many sales as experts had predicted, but nevertheless, more people than ever before stated that they were looking forward to seeing what their community had to offer. All of those people understand why local businesses are so important, but there are still tons of Americans who don’t see the benefits behind supporting their community’s small businesses — specifically, they don’t understand why bringing their business to a local pharmacy is incredibly beneficial for everyone involved. So what exactly makes local pharmacies so important?

  • Local pharmacies tend to handle less prescription requests than big pharmacies, meaning that they’re more capable of filling your prescriptions on the day you bring them in. And an extra benefit: because the pharmacy is local, you’ll be able to get there and get home in no time at all!
  • Pharmacists in smaller stores tend to have better relationships with their patients, and ultimately they provide higher quality services than big stores because they can give personalized advice and answers for each individual customer.
  • As far as convenience goes, local businesses sometimes suffer from poor reputations of being more expensive and taking longer to make transactions; that’s already started to change, whether you’ve realized it or not, as digital technology becomes more affordable and accessible. Many small pharmacies today have modern retail pharmacy POS systems that allow them to handle sales quickly, and these POS systems also come with enhanced and encrypted security features to protect every bit of sensitive information.

And finally, like every other small business, local pharmacies are important because they provide jobs for residents, they stimulate other local businesses, and they create a sense of community.
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