Business Management Services A Few Things You Should Know About US-Canadian Businesses


Payroll solutions

Nothing says “international cooperation” quite like a joint-business venture. Companies with employees from more than one country — say, the United States and Canada — show that different nationalities and ethnicities can indeed get along just fine. From large multinational corporations to more modest-sized companies, businesses in two or more countries show how people can work together peacefully for a common goal — a practice many world leaders should perhaps pay attention to.

Still, one issue with multinational companies is not the people — it’s the laws! Operating under two different set of laws can understandly complicate things, and for businesses that don’t have the resources to have in-house services that can navigate the laws, doing payroll can be a challenge. Businesses in the U.S. for example are sometimes reluctant to hire employees in Canada. Why? Because the payroll laws and regulations in the U.S. are considerably different than in Canada. Canada has 190 laws regarding payroll processing alone. One mistake, even a minor or unintentional one, can lead to serious repercussions.

That is why professional business management services are ideal for businesses that want to have a diverse staff (especially a staff with Canadians) but may not be large enough to do it efficiently on their own. These payroll services are run by professionals that know Canadian payroll regulations in-and-out. From filing tax forms and calculating wages to documenting employee information, outsourced business management services can leave a business with more time to focus on its actual goals and products. These services can also handle general human resource tasks, such as providing benefits, employee training, and safety systems — all in accordance with Canadian law. These services can save businesses time and money, and that goes a long way no matter what country you’re in.

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