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Commercial real estate values

Buying commercial real estate can be a difficult process, but it does not have to be. With commercial real estate companies such as The American Real Estate Partners, commercial real estate investing can become simultaneously simplified and much more profitable.

When looking into real estate investment and commercial real estate companies, you will want a fully integrated private real estate investment company. You will find this in American Real Estate Partners’ two principal operators, CEO Douglas E. Fleit, and President and COO Brian L. Katz. Headed by Douglas E. Fleit and Brian L. Katz, staff will help you through the entire process of purchasing real estate, from the first question of “what is a real estate?” to wrapping up a deal on a settlement trust. When it comes to commercial real estate companies, there is no better place.

So, what exactly do commercial real estate companies like The American Real Estate Partners do? Quite simply, they assist you in making smart commercial real estate decisions. The fundamentals of investments are inflows, outflows, timing of cash flows, and risks. Knowledge in analyzing these four factors of information are tantamount in the success of your commercial real estate investment, and should not be taken lightly.

Since 2008, commercial real estate agencies have certain been faced with some difficulties. This comes as no surprise in regards to some companies; researchers with Real Capital Analytics claims that more that $160 billion of commercial properties in the United States of America are either in default, foreclose, or bankruptcy. This is the result of poor commercial real estate advisement and management. Unlike other commercial real estate agencies which did not properly determine commercial real estate values or assess risks when trying to make a quick transaction, The American Real Estate Partners are committed to providing a fluid and consistently efficient exploration and assessment of all options for both buyers and sellers. Their aim is to bring a balanced and considerate commercial real estate business transaction for the customer.

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