Why Selling a Structured Settlement Can Get You More Money


Selling a structured settlement

Everyone dreams of making a lot of money really quickly, but for some people that dream comes true in the form of a structured settlement. A structured settlement is a series of payments set forth to resolve and settle a claim out of court. If you have a personal injury case, a case of medical malpractice, or some other situation where you believe you are in need of financial compensation, call attorney and get on your way towards structured settlement annuity benefits.

Your Case
The truth is, lawyers are confident that they can win personal injury cases, because the majority of such cases settle outside of court. On the off chance that you will have to go to court, make sure you bring evidence of your case in the form of photos, emails and messages, and witness testimony. Many businesses do not want the negative publicity and will too happily extend an annuity settlement towards you.

Your Checks
Now that you have a structured settlement, you ought to think about how you’re going to spend the money. The Rutter Group shows that 25 to 30% of accident victims use all of the money they were awarded in a matter of two months, while 90% will run out of the money within five years. Generally speaking, you won’t have to worry about spending all of your money, as the most common forms of payment are over the course of 25 years or until death.

Your Cash
Some people can’t just afford to wait for their money however. Aside from waiting, you’re losing money to taxes, annuity fees, and other hidden contract fees. You’ll even incur fees if you withdraw too much money too quickly. In many cases, selling a structured settlement is the best way to maximize your profits quickly. Selling a structured settlement will not get you as much money as you would have if you waited out the payment plan, however it is the safest way to guarantee you get your money fast!
At the end of 2013, there were also 34.8 million individual deferred annuity contracts in place exceeding $2.58 trillion.

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