Why Selling a Structured Settlement Can Get You More Money

Everyone dreams of making a lot of money really quickly, but for some people that dream comes true in the form of a structured settlement. A structured settlement is a series of payments set forth to resolve and settle a claim out of court. If you have a personal injury case, a case of medical […]

What No One Tells You About Winning the Lottery

Let’s face it: at some point or another, you’ve probably dreamed about winning the lottery. In fact, surveys indicate that playing the lottery is the most prevalent and popular form of gambling across the country. So what happens if that dream does become a reality? The most common thing for lottery recipients is to get […]

The Top 3 Questions About Selling Annuity Payments

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to sell annuity payments and get your cash upfront rather than waiting for it (or waiting for 10 to 20 years for all the payments to trickle in), it can be a tough decision to make unless you understand exactly how an annuity is beneficial, how it’s […]