The Importance of Cash Management Software


Cash recycler machines

Whether a business is big or small, at the end of the day the money from sales needs to be counted. An employee or the owner of the establishment could be in charge of counting the register, but humans make mistakes. If you want perfect accuracy each and every time, you need a currency counter machine as part of your retail cash management system.
In addition to being 100% accurate, installing a cash management system with cash management software allows businesses to free up time because it is much quicker than having a person count all the money. One of the main reasons that cash counters are quicker is due to the fact that the machine only has to count the money once. When a person counts it, he or she has to count it two or three times to confirm accuracy. Furthermore, the right currency counter machine not only counts the money, it does the sorting of bills as well. It is able to determine how much each bill is worth and count them all up. A person needs to sort by amount first and then count and add up each pile individually.
Another feature that can be included in a company?s cash management software is an electronic coin sorter and counter. No need to touch any coins or sort them out, just dump them in and let the machine do the work. It is able to figure out what types of coins are inserted, count them up and determine a total.
No cash management software system is complete without a counterfeit checker machine which lets the user know if a bill is real or not. The use of counterfeit money is one of the oldest crimes on record and was an especially big problem during the 1800s when banks made their own money. The government tried to get it under control by establishing the Secret Service in 1865 and making the elimination of counterfeit money the organization?s primary goal. While the problem has gotten better, it has not completely gone away. Therefore, in order to protect your business from being the victim of this crime, you should add a fraud-fighter counterfeit machine to your cash management software.
Your company?s cash management software should include a cash recycler machine, as well. This is because the dollar bill only lasts about 18 months before it wears out. Having a cash recycler enables you to properly dispose of worn out money without a problem.
Some people like to pay for their purchases with cheques. This is not a problem as long as you have cheque scanner as part of your cash management software system. A cheque scanner electronically scans and deposits cheques as they come in throughout the day. This makes it so the cashier does not have to ask the customer paying with the cheque for additional identification in order to accept that form of payment. The cheque goes in the machine and is processed in a similar way as a debit card is used. The money comes out of the account it is written against and is added to the business?s total.
Regardless of the type of cash management software you use at your place of business, make sure that it is serviced regularly by locals that can respond to your needs quickly. This will enable you to get back up and running should a problem arise.

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