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Sell your structured settlements

The vacation emails come in groups. On Monday you receive deals on vacations to Cancun, Israel, and Wisconsin Dells. Tuesday’s offers include a Norwegian cruise, a Niagara Falls weekend, and an Alaskan land, sky, and water adventure. Many different vacation offers, but they all share one thing in common. You cannot afford any of them!
That could all change, however, if you decide to get structured settlement cash now.
Besides taking a dream vacation, there are many reasons for getting structured settlement cash now, including paying off high interest credit cards, eliminating home mortgages and car payments, and paying for college tuition up front.
Eliminating High Interest Credit Card Debt Should be a Priority
Unfortunately, many Americans live under the weight of high interest credit card balances. In fact, the average American household with debt carries $15,355 in credit card debt and combined total debt of $129,579.
Using structured settlement cash now to pay off these debts, instead of continuing to live under the stigma of debt that 20% of Americans ages 18-24 live under, is a strong financial decision. Paying off this debt hardship is the first step most Americans can take toward their future financial freedom.
It does not make sense to let someone else earn money from the interest on your structured settlement annuity when you are paying the high interest of unpaid credit card bills. the decision to sell your structured settlement payments can help you eliminate these high interest payments and get back on a healthier financial plan.
Some People Sell Structured Settlement Payments to Pay Off House Mortgages and Car Loans
For the lucky group of people who have no credit card debt, another good use of structured settlement cash now is to pay off a second or first mortgage on a home. As many people look at a retirement down the road, one of the things they want to eliminate is a house payment. This lets income go toward savings and other higher interest earning investments. If a house is already paid for another option is to pay off any car loans. Reaching the point in life where you can pay cash for future cars instead of having to use financing is a comfortable feeling. Taking the cash from a structured annuity can allow you to achieve many of these zero balance goals.
Unfortunately, America has become a society that is accustomed to living in debt. the most wealthy people, however, have discovered the real secret and that is to pay cash for everything. Eliminating the interest payments on credit cards, home mortgages, and car loans allows individuals to get the most out of every pay check. While some literally live paycheck to paycheck, the rich are making their checks work for them.
College Degrees Can Help You Reach Jobs That Pay Higher Salaries
It is no secret that in today’s world a college degree is a must. In order to get the best paying jobs you need to have more than just a high school diploma. Unfortunately, college degrees are expensive and to obtain them many individuals find themselves with large student loans to pay back. when the other debt in your life is eliminated, structured settlement money can be used to pay for a college degree. Whether it is an Associates Degree that can get you a high paid skilled labor job or a Bachelor’s Degree that allows you to enter a professional field, a paid in full college degree can provide you increased earning potential.
The average consumer has 3.5 credit cards and as many as 26% of Americans admit that they so not pay their bills on time. In fact, a recent survey indicated that only 37.4% of credit card holders pay their balance in full each month. Worse yet, 15.9% pay only the minimum balance on those cards. In these situations, these consumers are merely paying the interest and barely making a debt in the principle. Finding a way to eliminate this debt is important to families who want to reach some sort of financial freedom and live a less stressful life. Selling a structured settlement for cash can help you join the elite group that pays cash instead of interest with the work checks that they earn.

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