Move that Merchandise With the Help of Well Placed Signs!


Product stand display

When shopping, we rely on signs to give us information about the product including prices, size, any discounts or sales we can take advantage of, and more. Whether those come from a clear pouch with hang hole, a flyer stand, or retail display stands, signs draw us in and get our attention. How many of us have walked into a story because of flyers advertising a massive store-wide sale or a particularly attractive display window with well placed signs? We’re exposed to about 3,000 ads and promotional messages on a daily basis and despite what perhaps may be our best efforts, consuming the messages that we see, even if just for a few seconds. Investing in indoor sign stands or outdoor sign stands can give your business a major boost, even if they’re simple.

How Can Using Signs Benefit My Business?

Even though online shopping is widely touted and we often hear how physical retailers are despairing, almost 80% of consumers will actually go to a physical store to shop, even if they use their phones to research the item or items they’re interested in purchasing.

If you’re trying to move full-priced merchandise, having signs can be incredibly beneficial. Full-priced merchandise that had signs performed almost 20% better than full-priced merchandise without signs, according to several studies, including one conducted by Brigham Young University. A consumer decides to stick with a brad or buy a competitor in 3 to 7 seconds.

Signs can also help with impulse buys. If all the information a customer needs is right in front of them, they might be compelled to just put it in their cart. Instead of having to calculate a discount and have more time to talk themselves out of it, seeing how much the item costs — or how long the promotion is going on for — they may simply just snap it up. Anywhere from six to 10 purchases in a store are filed under impulse purchases and shoppers actually make over 80% of their purchase decisions while in the store.

Research has also shown, thanks to the 2014 Mass Merchant Study, that over 15% of unplanned purchases were because of a display that customers noticed while they were shopping. Furthermore, having free standing signs or other types of displays that advertise relevant information can make customers feel like they’re having a better experience. And per a 2011 report, over 85% of consumers say they’d pay more to have a better experience at stores.

Signs are also an inexpensive way of advertising your business. Think about how many times you might have stopped to laugh or take a picture of a clever outdoor sign. That business will probably stick in your mind a little longer than businesses without signs. Reaching 1,000 adults with a sign or store merchandiser for a year was as low as three to 37 cents, as compared to $4-8 for a 30 second commercial. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this inexpensive advertising? Even something as simple as a clear pouch with hang hole that you can drape over hangers or a product stand can make a big difference.

Which Types of Signs Are Best For My Business?

This largely depends on what kind of business you run. A grocery store will be very different from a coffee shop or a shop within a mall. A grocery store may need deli signs, meat price tags, and clear price tag sleeves. A retail shop might use a clear pouch with hang hole to hang on discounted merchandise or an outdoor display. A coffee shop might utilize outdoor signage to draw customers inside or door signs displaying hours of business.

Take note of what competitors are using — that will give you a good hint to what might be working successfully for them and what you can emulate at your own business.

Take advantage of what signs can offer you — from something as simple as a clear pouch with hang hole to clever retail display ideas that utilize signs. You may see an uptick in business and happier customers — a win all around!

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