4 Ways to Increase Automobile Sales Leads


Sub prime auto leads

Every car dealership knows that sales reports never stay the same. It’s important for a car dealership to sell as many vehicles as possible. Following a few tips can help ensure your automobile dealership is succeeding with a lot of customers. Statistics show that 43% of people currently finance at least one vehicle. It’s wise for a dealership to take advantage of every opportunity to obtain more sales. Here are four ways to ensure your dealership receives more leads.

  1. Obtain Subprime Leads

    One of the most important aspects of running a successful dealership is having quality auto sales leads. If your dealership receives terrible leads, it’s tough to expect great results. It’s beneficial for a business owner to find opportunities other dealers might be neglecting. Subprime auto sales leads are how many dealerships are seeing their sales increase. A subprime buyer is someone with a credit score ranging from 500-600 while deep subprime is 300-500. Subprime car loan leads are helping dealerships generate $10 billion in avenue earned per year.
  2. Stay Engaged with Past Customers

    Every automobile dealership should stay in touch with past customers. These people are customers of your dealership for a reason. It’s likely that these customers have favorable opinions about your business. Many people that are past customers return to the same dealership to purchase their next vehicle. It’s good to stay engaged with these customers through either phone or email campaigns. Many of the best used car leads are ones that you’ve already sold to.
  3. Have a Professional Website

    Many companies are obtaining auto sales leads through the internet. If you don’t have one, it’s best to have a website created as soon as possible. You might find an auto sales leads provider that provides a website for clients. Having a professional create a website for your business ensure it looks great and performs perfectly.
  4. Referral Programs Work Well

    Many dealerships receive valuable auto sales leads through referral programs. These programs give past customers an incentive to refer new business to the dealership. You’ll commonly see a dealership offer cash to someone that refers a new customer. It’s wise to get creative with referrals to ensure people have enough incentive to refer people they know. Offering free tune ups or oil changes are other popular referral rewards.

In closing, there are several great ways for an automobile dealership to generate new leads. It’s wise for a dealership to consider the value of subprime leads. You’ll find the subprime market to be full of qualified buyers. You don’t want to neglect past customers. These people often have friends and family that are making future vehicle purchases. Having a website helps to ensure you can reach and grow an online audience. Referral programs are great for giving customers an incentive to bring in new business. Following the right tips will ensure your automobile dealership continues to receive valuable leads.

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