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Are You Ready to Sell Your Annuity?

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What lessons are you teaching your children? Are you teaching them to look both ways before they cross the street? Teaching them the importance of respecting their elders? Teaching them the discipline of finishing the school work they have to do before they spend leisure time on their electronics? In the midst of all of these valuable life lessons, are you also teaching them fiscal responsibility?
If you and your spouse are living under the weight of unpaid bills and credit card debt, the other lessons you are teaching your children may not matter as much. If you are not taking the time to teach your children what financial responsibility looks like, you may be setting them up for the heavy weight of debt that you are experiencing.
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Three Times When You Should Sell Your Structured Settlement

Selling your annuity

Do you receive annuity payments from winning the lottery, a lawsuit settlement, or that you inherited from a deceased family member? A structured annuity settlement is a fixed payment that is made to the you on a regular basis (usually monthly or annually) to provide for your needs after an injury, retirement, or for lottery winnings.

While everyone likes having a little extra cash flow in their budget, sometimes it makes more sense for you and your family to sell fixed annuity payments and use the lump sum to improve your overall financial health. The average value of a structured settlement is $324,000; as with any asset of that value, the decision to maintain or sell fixed annuity settlements is something you should not take lightly. Of those who decide to sell fixed annuity settlements for a

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Why Would You Want to Sell Your Annuity Settlement?

Sell structured settlement annuity

There are two really easy ways to get money: either win the lottery or sue someone. With all great things however, there are certain conditions and stipulations that may stand in the way of your fortunes. Here is what to expect if you win the lottery or receive a structure settlement.

Singing the Lottery Blues

Once you win the lottery you will immediately have to give the federal government 25% of your winnings as taxes, plus an additional 6-9% for state taxes. Furthermore an annuity pays out over years or decades: the Mega Millions and Powerball annuities increases by 5% for the 30 annual payments. Even those set to receive an “immediate” annuity will have to wait for 30 days before receiving payment. Other surrender charges, early withdrawal fees, and mainten

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