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How Much Time Does an Online Payroll Solution Save?

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Online payroll solutions can save you time — no doubt about that — but how much time can they really save?

How Long It Takes to Do Payroll For One Person.

There are five basic things you have to do when you do payroll. You have to calculate, do paperwork, check legislation, add up the days worked, and create reports. Doing all of that manually takes about 11 minutes. Doing it with payroll software takes only 90 seconds — just one-and-a-half minutes.

The Difference Adds Up.

The larger the company, the more it makes sense to use an online

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Miami Reaches Top 10 in Global Commercial Real Estate Investment

Medical office space for rent in philadelphia

Most Americans think of Miami as a giant party city. Drugs, South Beach, and sunshine are what come to mind for many people. Magic City has a new designation though, according to recent research from the global property adviser CBRE Group they are one of the worldwide leaders for commercial real estate investment firms.

Commercial real estate is that which is used only for business purposes. With a total of $7.7 billion of foreign and domestic investment in the first half of 2015 Miami ranked 7th in the world for capital partners destinations, according to the industry news source

“Capital flows into real estate are well support

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One Experts Opinion Maryland Reform On Structured Settlements Went to Far

Settlement cash

Whether you win won in a lawsuit, insurance claim, or lottery winnings structured settlements and annuities provide a long-term, steady flow of funds. If you need cash for your settlement now there are companies that deal exclusively with letting you access your settlement cash immediately. They buy your long-term annuity and give you cash for your settlement up front.

Amidst swirling debate on the industry of getting cash for annuity payments legislators in Maryland took action and passed new reform regulations earlier this month. Many saw this as a step in the right direction to protect consumers fr

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Why You Should Invest in REITs

Brian l. katz

If you find yourself with a little extra income that you’d love to invest and hopefully multiply, you may be overwhelmed with your options. With so many different ways to invest your money out there today, it is a hard to choose just one or two. Of course you want the one that will give you the best return, but without being able to predict the future, how do you choose?

One of the best ways to decide how to invest your money is by first doing your research. When you know the ins and outs of all of your options, you’ll be better prepared to make your selection. One avenue that you certainly don’t want to ignore when searching for the perfect way to invest your money is real estate and REITs.

What Is a REIT?

Did you know that the commercial real estate industry is worth an e

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Why You’ll Have to Go Online to See if You’ve Won Lottery Payments in Illinois

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It’s been a sort of tradition on American televisions for the last 30 years or so at least. The family gathers around the TV in the living room and anxiously awaits as the ping-pong lottery balls bounce around until they eventually pop up the tube and are called out by the local hostess. Dad yells about how he’s going to quit his job if he wins, even though 48% of winners remain at their current place of employment anyway.

More often than not the dreams of wealth and annual lottery payments fade with each passing number missed. Alas, that experience will no longer be available to residents of Illinois as the state is moving to an all-digital format this week, according to local fox affiliate

“The new digital draw system will allow us to open an exciting new chapter in Illinois

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