Bankers Race for Charity


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The bank Washington Federal, Inc. (WaFd) held an event known as the WaFd 100 Year Block Party. In essence, it was publicized as the Bankers Race for Charity to celebrate this anniversary. What better way to celebrate this incredible milestone in their history than with a race to benefit charity. The event ranked right up there with the broker dealer exam, except that this charity race was fun for all participants.

During the race, WaFd bankers dressed in business attire took part in the festivities and the race itself. Officially it was called the Bankers Dash. Everyone in the race lined up on the start line and took off on cue. Their mission was to run to the checkpoint not too far away and grab a sack or two. After that, they ran back to the starting point with the sacks in their hands while the bank’s mascot stood off to the side and watched.

The Success of This Race

At the conclusion of this wonderful event, Washington Federal was able to donate $1000 to the Everett Boys & Girls Club in the area. This is all part of the WaFd corporate policy of giving back to their community. The bank strongly urges employees to get involved however they can in charitable community events such as this race. If someone does not have the financial means to donate money, they may volunteer their time.

WaFd Gives Back to Its Communities

As a collective team effort, WaFd has lent its support to over 775 organizations and charitable causes. Amongst them are the United Way Matching Campaign and the Washington Federal Foundation. Over the years they have actively participated in the donation of more than $200 million dollars to charities such as these. It would make any customer proud to do their banking with that of one that has amassed a stellar reputation of doing good deeds.

Wrap-Up on WaFd

For every WaFd employee who cringed and struggled through the broker dealer exam, there was one who happily participated in an event such as the Bankers Dash. Things like this make it all worthwhile. Not only are customers proud to be affiliated with this bank, but employees are equally proud to work there. Together they make a difference in the communities where WaFd does business. Hats off to Washington Federal and all its pillars of their communities! If someone resides in any place where there is a Washington Federal branch, they ought to consider opening an account. They would be in the presence of excellence!

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