Wondering How Financial Advisors Make Money? Take a Look!


Financial advisors are a great way to go if you want to grow your money and investments. Financial advisors are either commission-based or fee-only and sometimes, those who get a fee might also take some commission. Commission-based advisors only make money when you make money.

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With each transaction, they make a commission each time you make money. As a result, they have a direct, immediate incentive for you to succeed, but they take on more risk.

Fee-based financial advisors only get the fees they charge. They might get a fee based on a subscription or on a time frame (such as quarterly or annually) or a one-time fee per transaction. Some financial advisors could also make a one-time plan for you as their client, and then you have to return to them and be charged again when a new plan is revised or created for you. Most financial advisors are fee-based and will charge a fee for specific services or hours and so on.


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