What Can a Porta Potty Rental Cost?


You probably want to know what you can expect to pay for a portable toilet rental if you need to get one set up. There are many different reasons why someone might require a portable toilet to set up at any event that they are putting on. As such, you need to know how much of an outlay you will be expected to make when setting up such an event.

The typical cost for a standard portable toilet rental is going to run in the neighborhood of $75-$100 per month with a once-per-week service. On top of that, you are going to need to look at paying between $100-$125 per month for a handicapped portable toilet rental if you want to go with a product like this.

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You should put yourself in the shoes of the rental company to help understand why they charge the rates that they do. The porta potty rental in Bridgeport, CT company will need to charge certain rates to help cover the cost of the equipment that they are renting out to you. When you take care of things like this, you are going to set yourself up with the kind of portable toilets that you require at a time like this. Take care of yourself so that you get the portable toilet rentals that you require at this moment.


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