Cash Bonds Vs. Surety Bonds


Sometimes, individuals get into legal trouble and must bond out of a holding facility. A bond helps them to do so legitimately. There are two types of bonds, as mentioned in the video in this article. There are cash bonds and surety bonds.

Cash Bonds

When you have a cash bond, it’s usually when the offender pays money to the court directly. Rather than get a bail bond company involved, the Individual pays out of their pocket to be released from the holding facility.

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This is also true if the detained person borrows money from a friend or a family member.

Surety Bond

In many cases, an offender must post bail but may not have the money to do so immediately. That’s when the bail bond company can help. They can provide the person held with the funds necessary to post bail for a percentage. The person borrowing the money promises to pay the money back and to appear in court promptly.

If someone obtains a bond to bail someone else out, they are obligated to ensure the person shows up for court and the money is repaid. Knowing the responsibilities before helping someone else out when they are detained in jail is essential. Call one of the many available bail bondsmen services to find out more.

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