3 Great Reasons to Sell Your Lottery Annuity for a Huge Lump Sum

Winning the lottery can be a life-changing experience, but unfortunately, many states force winners to accept their money over a long period of time in the form a lottery annuity. Thankfully, lottery winners have the right to sell annuity payments for a huge lump sum and seize control of their financial destiny. Selling lottery payments […]

How Much Do You Take Home When You Win the Lottery?

We all dream of winning the lottery. It would change our lives and make us rich until the day we die. Statistically, that is actually not likely. You’re probably thinking, “Of course, winning the lottery is not likely.” But even if you did win the lottery, it is not likely that you’ll be rich until […]

The Three Stages of the Lottery Winner

In a world where the odds are never stacked in your favor, winning the lottery ought to be the challenge. But with so many stipulations, fees, and other factors associated with winning the lottery, the challenge is more akin to survival than anything else. Here are the three stages someone goes through win they win […]

What No One Tells You About Winning the Lottery

Let’s face it: at some point or another, you’ve probably dreamed about winning the lottery. In fact, surveys indicate that playing the lottery is the most prevalent and popular form of gambling across the country. So what happens if that dream does become a reality? The most common thing for lottery recipients is to get […]