The Three Stages of the Lottery Winner

In a world where the odds are never stacked in your favor, winning the lottery ought to be the challenge. But with so many stipulations, fees, and other factors associated with winning the lottery, the challenge is more akin to survival than anything else. Here are the three stages someone goes through win they win […]

3 Things You Can Do With Cash for Annuity Payments

If you’ve won a structured settlement annuity, won a large lottery annuity, or fell into an insurance claim one of the things you should consider is getting cash for annuity payments. Keep in mind variable annuities can charge maintenance fees of $20 to $30 a year and most have penalties associated if you withdraw early. […]

Selling Structured Settlements Opens Up All Kinds Of Options

Every year, more than 37,000 Americans use structured settlement money for big purchases, like cars, trucks, boats, homes, and more. What’s more, 92% of those claimants are happy that they did it, saying that they are “satisfied with their decision.” But these things aren’t the most surprising facts about structured settlements. What’s most surprising about […]