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4 Great Things You Could Do With a Lot of Money

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Receiving a structured settlement payment means that there are a few decisions that you have to make. One of those is how you are going to get your money and another is what you are going to with it. You have a couple of options here. Depending on your plans and goals for your money, you could potentially sell your structured payments and get all of your money right now. This is beneficial if there are immediate things that you need the money for. The purpose of an annuity is to give you a chance to get used to the larger sums of money that you will have. However, it can be frustrating if there are things you need to pay off or buy. Here are a few examples of why you may want to sell your annuity settlement.

Paying Off Debt
Most Americans are in some sort of debt. Whether it’s a

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Modern Survival How Money Has Changed the Meaning of Life

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Life as we know it has changed drastically over the course of human history. In prehistoric times, survival was a challenge in and of itself; today however survival comes with several conditions. Instead of hunting for sustenance, we maintain jobs; instead of theft, we maintain trade. Currency has thus become the cornerstone of modern life, yet a lack of money is just as threatening to one’s livelihood as a lack of food or shelter once was to prehistoric humans.

Money in the Average Household

Statistically, Americans are getting paid roughly 26% more than they were just 12 years ago — at the same time however, the cost of living has increased over the same span of time by 29%, making it more difficult for Americans to maintain their livelihood today. With the prom

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