Modern Survival How Money Has Changed the Meaning of Life

Life as we know it has changed drastically over the course of human history. In prehistoric times, survival was a challenge in and of itself; today however survival comes with several conditions. Instead of hunting for sustenance, we maintain jobs; instead of theft, we maintain trade. Currency has thus become the cornerstone of modern life, […]

3 Ways To Use Your Money After Selling Your Annuity

If you’re in possession of an annuity or a structured settlement — whether you won it as lottery winnings, you have an annuity settlement from a lawsuit, or you simply decided to purchase an annuity and you’ve since changed your mind — it might be a good time to consider selling your annuity in exchange […]

New Regulations for Selling a Structured Settlement Aim to Prevent Predatory Practices

When you acquire a structured settlement annuity you’re left with a couple of options. You can keep it and collect the eventual annuity-style income, or you can sell it to a third-party and get cash for your settlement immediately. Many people like structured settlements because generally you can save between 25 and 35% in state […]

Selling Structured Settlements Opens Up All Kinds Of Options

Every year, more than 37,000 Americans use structured settlement money for big purchases, like cars, trucks, boats, homes, and more. What’s more, 92% of those claimants are happy that they did it, saying that they are “satisfied with their decision.” But these things aren’t the most surprising facts about structured settlements. What’s most surprising about […]

The Simplest Way to Get Cash Now from Lottery Winnings

Almost everyone likes to play the lottery from time to time. In fact, statistics indicate that playing the lottery is actually the most widely and highly practiced form of gambling across the United States. And while everyone dreams of winning the lottery, not many are actually prepared for what to do if they win. When […]

Be Part of the 92% and Sell Your Structured Annuity

Did you know that 48% of lottery winners still go to work after winning the lottery? It’s a shocking statistic but the fact is winning the lottery isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Winning the lottery often comes with a catch: you don’t get paid all at once. Rather than a lump sum […]