Buying a Salvaged or Used ATV


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Buying a used or salvage atv for sale is a good idea for beginners who need something basic to get started on. This video will explain everything you need to know before buying a used ATV.

When inspecting a used ATV, make sure it looks clean. It’s not necessarily a dealbreaker if it’s dirty, but it may be a coverup for something wrong with the machine. It also shows the ATV may not be well cared for. Look for fluid leaks or other problems, and check the ground where the ATV sits for any pools of liquid.

If the ATV has been washed, still look for leaks. Additionally, check in hard-to-reach spots, like between the frame and the skid plate.

Another part of the ATV to check thoroughly is the wench. If you can, stretch the cable or synthetic rope out the entire way and inspect it for wear and fraying. If it’s steel, look for rust, too.

Next, check the half-shafts and CV boots at the rear of the vehicle. The CV boots are pieces of rubber connected to the rear axle of the ATV. This can give you a very good idea of how well-used the vehicle is.

If the ATV has a lift kit be cautious. Lift kits put added stress on the driveline and can prematurely wear out the CV boots. Check the creases of the CV boots with your finger. If you find grease, this may indicate an issue.

For more information on tips to buying a used ATV, check out the video above.

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