What to Do After Your Loved Ones Cremation


Cremation most often ends in the burned ashes being put in a vase or an urn. This traditional practice has been done for countless years, but some new ideas are starting to become more popular with young people. When it comes to loved ones’ ashes, respect is vital when handling and spreading them. How you choose to remember your loved one dictates what you do with their ashes, and sometimes they leave special instructions on where to spread them. This video provides several unique and creative alternatives to the traditional urn storage of ashes.

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Any cremation professional will offer a few different options of where you can have your loved ones’ ashes placed. However, there are numerous other companies that can incorporate the ashes into completely new creations. For example, you can compress ashes into a vinyl record of your loved one’s favorite song. You can also mix the ashes into paint. You can then paint a portrait or something else in memory of the departed. Ash can also be mixed into blown glass, creating a gorgeous piece. There are countless ways to creatively spread your loved one’s remains.


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