What Does a CPA Do?


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CPAs provide an essential service for many businesses, and can help keep the finances of your small business organized. This video will explain what a CPA can do that a bookkeeper cannot.

The first difference is that CPAs have a lot more training and education than other accountants. They have a master’s degree or at least 150 credit hours of classes that they need to take before passing a CPA exam.

CPAs help businesses interpret and analyze the important numbers affecting their bottom line. They can help prepare complex financial transactions, create reports for shareholders, hire employees, create tax plans, and more.

A CPA can also help with taxation, especially if you have to go to court. A bookkeeper and tax preparer cannot represent you in court, while a CPA can. A CPA is also required to maintain updated education throughout their career, which is not required by tax preparers and bookkeepers.

CPAs are especially helpful for tax season. They can help you file your taxes and create a plan so you don’t have to pay as much. Bookkeepers can also do this, but it may be worthwhile to have a CPA look over your taxes before filing them.

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