Different Types of Loans and Credit

The concept of lending and borrowing money is as old as currency itself, as a good loan allows the borrower to finance something right away. That, or pay off debts that they may have. From Mesopotamia to medieval Europe and Asia to now, commercial lending has been a major aspect of any society’s economy, and […]

How Business Loans Can Help Small Businesses Suceed and Grow

Businesses like pizzerias and doctor’s offices are an essential part of each community, and provide necessary products and services. Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, but to their owners it can all feel like just one long struggle. Cash flow is a problem that many small businesses face, whether they’re starting out or […]

What Is a 7a Loan and How Can It Help My Small Business?

Starting a business is not just complicated, it?s expensive. That?s why start-ups and small businesses have the option to finance their venture with small business 7a loans. If you?re in the hotels or restaurant industry, starting a daycare center, or opening up a nursing home and need help on the financial end, this article is […]