5 Common Questions Regarding Annuity Payments Versus Lump Sum

Coming into a lot of money can be the answer that you are looking for. Whether you have won a settlement, gotten an inheritance or won the lottery you have finally made it! However, you have some touch decisions to make now. People around you may change and your lifestyle will most definitely be going […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mega Millions

Lately Mega Millions has been all over the news making headlines for its incredible jackpots. As you may have guessed, Mega Millions is actually the biggest jackpot game in the country. As millions of people play, the jackpots (which start at $15 million) quickly increase. When you win Mega Millions, however, a truck full of […]

What To Do If You Really Win The Lottery

With the recent uptick in large lottery payouts, the question of how one might spend such vast winnings has been a hot topic of conversation lately. Below is what we like to call a rational daydream–aka, how one might go about life after winning the lottery if they eschewed the ice cream truck made out […]