Annuity or Cash What is Best for You?

Even though winning the lottery seems rare, there are a lot of people who need to understand the annuity and lump sum difference. Winning a court settlement can mean you are entitled to payments that you can either get as an annuity settlement or get immediate cash. These payout options can be confusing and you […]

Why You’ll Have to Go Online to See if You’ve Won Lottery Payments in Illinois

It’s been a sort of tradition on American televisions for the last 30 years or so at least. The family gathers around the TV in the living room and anxiously awaits as the ping-pong lottery balls bounce around until they eventually pop up the tube and are called out by the local hostess. Dad yells […]

Thinking About Selling Your Structured Settlement? Read This First!

What’s the big deal with structured settlements anyway, and why are so many people interested in selling a structured settlement or annuity settlement? The answer here is complicated simply because there are so many reasons why people chose to sell settlement payments — and if you want to sell your structured settlement payments, you definitely […]