Why You’ll Have to Go Online to See if You’ve Won Lottery Payments in Illinois

It’s been a sort of tradition on American televisions for the last 30 years or so at least. The family gathers around the TV in the living room and anxiously awaits as the ping-pong lottery balls bounce around until they eventually pop up the tube and are called out by the local hostess. Dad yells […]

3 Things You Can Do With Cash for Annuity Payments

If you’ve won a structured settlement annuity, won a large lottery annuity, or fell into an insurance claim one of the things you should consider is getting cash for annuity payments. Keep in mind variable annuities can charge maintenance fees of $20 to $30 a year and most have penalties associated if you withdraw early. […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Mega Millions

Lately Mega Millions has been all over the news making headlines for its incredible jackpots. As you may have guessed, Mega Millions is actually the biggest jackpot game in the country. As millions of people play, the jackpots (which start at $15 million) quickly increase. When you win Mega Millions, however, a truck full of […]

Be Part of the 92% and Sell Your Structured Annuity

Did you know that 48% of lottery winners still go to work after winning the lottery? It’s a shocking statistic but the fact is winning the lottery isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Winning the lottery often comes with a catch: you don’t get paid all at once. Rather than a lump sum […]